Thursday, April 7, 2011

So you want to learn Prezi!?

The emails have been rolling in asking for more information and training on Prezi. My in-box is so full it could burp with all of your requests for more! I can agree with this enthusiasm--Prezi is a unique way to spice up a presentation.

To answer the most popular question in my email in-box this week: I am not currently offering any webinars on Prezi though I do continue to offer in-person training in a variety of topics and encourage email communication from anyone interested (

To answer the second most popular question in my email in-box this week: "Where can we get more information?" I appreciate everyone asking for training and education about Prezi as my students have had the same reaction. To respond to these inquiries, I am providing this follow-up post with information to encourage everyone to find *FREE* resources through

And the third most popular question in my email in-box this week: "Do you have a sample?" Sure! Here's one I put together for a talk about changing the public speaking course into a "fully online" course. The great thing with Prezi is that you can export your prezi using a link, so just click HERE to see it! Or you can embed it:

Where should you start? Start with Prezi. They are doing a great job reaching out to educate those of us from the PowerPoint world on the use of Prezi. Prezi offers a great self-guided training video and a resource page.

There are also video tutorials offered online by Prezi.

Four that can be especially helpful for those just beginning in Prezi are found here: (video above)

Additionally, they have more resources at and you can "follow" Prezi on Twitter @Prezi and their support folks have great tips on Twitter @PreziSupport.

I have had a lot of emails and interest in the Prezi blog post from last week and found that the online, free resources work fairly well for most institutions who are facing shrinking budgets for faculty training. So, click, create, and zoom your way to an engaging presentation and don't forget to update and share your stories of success, tips, or advice for others who are equally excited about Prezi.

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