Thursday, May 26, 2011

What do you "like"?

I found myself sitting at a conference a few weeks ago hearing a great comment from an audience member and, as a fellow listener, I wanted to mention how appropriate her comment was, how it succinctly encompassed everything I wanted to say, I needed one of those Facebook "like" buttons!

It is interesting to explore the ways social media use creeps into our every day lives and thoughts. I mentioned needing a "like" button and two other people commented they agreed and find themselves wanting to "like" in similar ways. We were laughing through the conversation, but there is some truth to the pervasiveness of the social networking culture--and we can see it in our communication patterns, our language choice, and our silly internal desire to click a like button that doesn't exist for a face-to-face comment.

What do you "like"? Do you "like" both personal and professional sites if you are a Facebook user? Or do you limit your "like" to comments and photos instead of pages?

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