Monday, June 6, 2011

Prezi returns!

Yes, it is rapidly becoming a sub-topic for this blog. I've had so many responses about Prezi that it seems there might be room for more exploration. If you're using Prezi, please continue to comment and email! Regular readers might remember my first discussion of Prezi titled "Prezi: The PowerPoint Alternative" and the follow up discussion, "So you want to learn Prezi" brought on by so many emails to the first. Well, there is renewed interest in Prezi and those emails are still rolling in. Hopefully this third installment is equally useful to past and new readers.

Have you been exploring Prezi lately? There are some great changes that have simplified the use of Prezi and broadened the usability of Prezi. For example, a friend of mine mentioned the trouble she was having with iPad and Prezi, but just emailed me last week to tell me there are no more issues and compatibility is now strong. Prezi reported on this (and yes, there's an app for that): Check out more information here (along with a video demonstration of iPad and Prezi use.

What other news can educators (or other presenters) note about Prezi? Last month Prezi altered the Zebra (blue circle image above is the older version with the image on the right as the newer version). This new Zebra was coupled with new abilities for better image cropping. line flow, and even a bending opportunity (See more here). I have enjoyed the newer features which allow for more direct editing that makes our Prezis so great for audiences to view.

Today I took about 15 minutes before class and threw together a brief Prezi designed to illustrate parts of our chapter dealing with the term "Ethos" -- I made sure my "path" allowed me to move from specific concepts back to the overall term, so it flowed with my mini-lecture and with a class activity. Several folks emailing wanted to see Prezis in action. Here is the one I used today (basic, but great for class discussion):

Overall, I find the use of Prezi engages the students -- and for a public speaking course, it works to demonstrate speaking tips/tricks as well as a new tool they may use. Today my students asked, "What is that?!" This works well in my communication courses to help the students better understand presentational aids and speaking with technology.

Prezi support is growing as well. You can find Prezi support easily through their Twitter  page and become a fan on Facebook and, of course, on their site under support or community (the blogs are great!).

Thanks for your responses, comments, and emails. Let us know what you're doing and consider sharing your Prezis in a comment!

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