Friday, November 18, 2011

The last business card of the day...

You know you are having a good conference when you dig into the STACK of business cards only to find that you are down to your last card... There were so many interesting panels, ideas, products, and people, that you went through the stack without realizing it. That happens a lot at Communication conferences, but especially here at NCA ( So far, I have heard amazing talks about first-generation college students, online student identities, new technologies, teaching ideas, conflict management, and mentoring. My brain is doing that blissfully full spin that tends to happen at these events...where new ideas, new people, and new applications merge together to make a Communication Nerd like myself VERY excited about the courses and future of the discipline. Today I got to introduce my undergraduates to their first National Conference, and again find myself excited as I talked to a few undergrads considering their futures as new opportunities opened right in front of them. I was proud to see how they handled themselves, how they spoke, and how they supported one another. It was enough to reinvigorate me for the rest of the semester! (and I certainly needed that after the last hectic weeks...) I love the way a conference can re-awaken passions and boost energy levels. I love the way they can make us re-think how we are teaching. But mostly I love the ability to connect (and re-connect) with others in my discipline. I can't wait to start the post-conference follow-ups with all of the reciprocated business cards gathered after interesting talks today, cards which are now tucked carefully in my bag and full of potential. There are some interesting collaborations, projects, technologies, and discussions on the horizon!

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