Thursday, December 8, 2011

Semester in review

From Twitter to tenure, it has been a busy semester here at The Communication and Higher Education blog. Thank you for reading, emailing, following, liking, and tweeting throughout the semester! As the term draws to a close, it is easy to shift into a reflective mode. This is true in the blogosphere as well. There were many diverse topics this semester.

Check out some of the top posts (most often read, clicked, or those resulting in the most emails) from the recent months and consider sharing a few of your thoughts or comments:

That academic life: 
There were many discussions about our sometimes tenuous hold on faculty life and the swirling responsibilities housed within that life, but the top read in this arena were:

Teaching and technology:
Tech toys and options for our class including:

Most read:

Of no surprise at all, the most read topic of this Fall 2011 semester was..."Social media in the college classroom" which resulted in many emails and some amazing conversations about the changing place of social media in our every day instruction.

THANK YOU for sharing this semester with Communication and Higher Education blog and look for many new topics (and continued topics) throughout the winter break and as we embark on another new term in January.

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