Monday, February 6, 2012

PreziU: Sharing resources for Prezi use in higher education

If you are a long-time reader, you've seen the Prezi journey of this educator. From learning the ropes with my first struggling Prezis to becoming more adept at navigating and creating a polished Prezi to reinforce my teaching and presentations, I have slowly grown as a Prezi user. I have learned more and more about Prezi throughout the past few months and continue to like the flexibility it offers in providing presentational aids. Don't get me wrong, the MESSAGE is the most important part of the speech, but solid presentational aids can reinforce the message and enhance the credibility of the speaker. Whatever you use should be used with intent and consideration of your overall message and your audience. Prezi is one option I enjoy. I now teach with it on occasion, using the free iPad Prezi App.
Being a communication professor often means I must demonstrate what I teach on a daily basis. Our university iPad initiative left me with a tool to easily use each day. With simply a projector cord, my iPad can display my Prezi easily for the class. I do wish there was the option to "click" or "tap" while not at the ipad (which is currently required to be hard-wired to our projector unit), but soon I do envision walking with the iPad as it is projected--I'm just not quite sure how to get there!

As someone who is not very spatial or visual in my learning style, I am continually surprised that I like Prezi, but I do. And I wanted to share the resource Prezi U. Prezi notes on their website that "Prezi U is a community for teachers and academics who use Prezi as an educational tool." This site has articles, forums, a library, the ability to share files, and a lot of linked resources from users about using Prezi in education settings.

I am finding Prezi U very helpful as I both USE and TEACH Prezi. The site is great for educators. Explore issues such as how to grade a student's Prezi, how to incorporate Prezis into your teaching or class (or into your professional presentations), and use the awesome resources like this user-made tutorial by Billy Meinke on editing with Prezi. Additionally, you can connect with those in your discipline to see how they are using Prezi. It isn't just for the classroom, universities are using Prezis to reach students and as marketing aids. There are a lot of possibilities for Prezi.

Consider exploring Prezi U as you continue to grow your teaching and presenting. Explore the many free resources and peer-to-peer advice you can find at Prezi U. 

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