Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Teaching Presentational Aids with Prezi and the iPad

Today, I walked calmly to class with my iPad under my arm and a cup of coffee in my hand.  This may not seem empowering, but considering my normal toil to and from the classroom it was definitely an empowering start to the day. While I may be easily appeased, WALKING itself does not normally create such a feeling of peace and empowerment. But, considering that this time every semester, my introductory public speaking course covers how to deliver a speech using presentational aids to reinforce and enhance their message-- which means for the past few years, I lug around a stack of poster boards, an easel, a projector, laptop, models, objects, handouts, and other samples. And it never fails. Every semester the day I have to carry all of this it will rain with torrential wind. I had enough. I incorporated all of those (years of) saved poster boards detailing what worked and what didn't and took pictures with my iPad and put them right into a Prezi.

I've been moving along my Prezi journey the past year or so and have enjoyed incorporating it into my classes as it is easy and intuitive. This morning I smiled at the forecast for rain and heavy winds, charged up the iPad and got to work. I created the following Prezi and used it in class finding the students could see Prezi use (one type of presentational aid) and I could save myself the headache of carting around all of those sample presentational aids. I put a few objects/models and handouts in my bag (which miraculously zipped shut--a never-before-seen feat on Presentational Aid day!), and strolled to class.

The Prezi worked well and I wanted to share it (and the idea of moving all of your old, cumbersome teaching props toward an e-medium). We used the various prompts as discussion points to highlight effective and ineffective examples of aids and to brainstorm possibilities for students. The students were able to see multiple types of presentational aids and the discussion was really strong with everyone engaged.

Why didn't I think of this sooner?! So, I'm passing it on in the hopes that a simple digital migration might just make your entire morning. It certainly made mine!

PREZI: "Presentational Aids: Chapter 10" --
And embedded below:

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