Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I love completing a task before the deadline and do a mental victory dance when I mark items off of my to-do list, so it is no surprise that I am sharing David Perlmutter's article, Varieties of Procrastination on the Chronicle of Higher Education's website.

I enjoyed the review of the benefits for beating deadlines with early work in our academic environment while I somewhat smugly patted my organizational grid detailing what work needs to be done this month, color-coded, with mini-deadlines. Hopefully, my ridiculous propensity for all-things-organizational will lead me to beating a few big deadlines this summer. However, I think I might warrant the addition of "over-organizing when you should be writing" as one of Perlmutter's varieties of procrastination (see previous post, "Mock productivity" for more on this). 

There are some great resources and points of advice within the article for those of us who often juggle (and struggle) multiple projects. My favorite gems included: "Sometimes putting off work is the right choice," and "dare to be early."

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