Monday, April 15, 2013

Android App: Any.Do

As regular readers know, I very much love to explore the latest, greatest productivity tools. This may simply be a way to organize research projects into a spreadsheet format or it might be a nice app. I've explored many, from Astrid to Toodledo. I really like the options that these task tools use to help us increase our productivity.

I've just started working with Any.DO. This is a neat little app from This is a free app available on many operating systems. I use Android and find it works beautifully. Once you've installed the app, you can sign in with Facebook or your Google account. You can import your Astrid tasks, or start fresh with Any.Do. Like Astrid and Toodledo, you can add a social component with your tasks. This can increase your motivation to complete an item and can allow others to collaborate with you. The easy way to move tasks and modify them (you can drag a task from today to tomorrow) is very user-friendly. I especially like drawing a line through a task or speaking my task directly into the app.

Check out this video overview:

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